Top Things to Learn from IPL 

You know what, everything has something to teach you and you have no idea how IPL can get you to learn so many things. Certainly, the game of cricket has always been cherished by people and when it comes to IPL it is even more than just a sport. People stay informed about everything through today ipl match news and more to ensure that they know about everything that is happening in the sport.

Though all of you do have your favorite teams that you support and even want to win this Indian Premier League season, there is little good in every single team and every player that you can take exam motivation from and implement the life lessons learned in your daily routines to make your life easier and results better and swifter. The point is no matter whether you are a student or an adult, there is much that you can learn from IPL. After all, it is not just a game but more than that.

One should always be able to take inspiration and motivational life lessons from even the little good that anyone or anything has. This post is going to talk about some facts about the IPL players and the game altogether to learn as much as you can.

MS Dhoni: The Calm Man 

The background that this amazing player comes from is not quite fancy. He hails from the tiny town of Jharkhand and also belongs to quite a simple middle-class family. Even after he got a government job as a simple ticket collector on railways, he made up his mind to give it up and work for his overall passion for cricket.

Of course, such a decision would have not come easy but the courage to decide in favor of it is what simply separates such extraordinary players from the crowd and even contribute to an extraordinary achievement story.

The calmness and effectivity of this player help him get through all the tough times that he, as an IPL or cricket player, and his team face. Being calm, even under the unmatched sort of pressure of the game has been the USP of this amazing player in the Indian Premier League 2019 and even that ever before. Even after getting multiple remarks on his fitness because of his age, there has not been a single time where he failed to prove simply himself with a comeback. Of course, you can learn from this player to never give up and do what your heart craves. If you want something, you have to make decisions that matter.

Similarly, in addition, being unaffected by the negativity and toxicity of the outside world can surely come if you are adequately composed and positive from the inside. He definitely follows the lifelong learning quote like keep calm and concentrate on your job. It is his calmness that helps him strategize better in comparison to other players on the field. Indeed, this is one thing that you have to earn from him. It is going to make you better at whatever sector or profession or field you may be in!

Learnings from Virat Kohli

 All of you do know Virat Kohli for his aggression and attitude on the field. Though what most of you do not know is that he gets such an attitude because of his confidence to be more expressive. You could have come across a number of Virat Kohli’s thoughts and quotes about the same. Virat Kohli once said that never at any point did he feel like missing a training session. He was quite keen on improving as a cricketer and even as an international player. 

The degree of self-discipline that this amazing player has given him the confidence to use his aggression positively on the cricket field. As aspirants, you can certainly take up lifelong learning from the level of self-discipline that this player has and how he just has the wish to compete only with himself.

Already one of the best ODI players, he always still strives to improve and be somewhat better than himself with each passing day. When you are all prepared completely and know that you have given your goal the best that you could, you can definitely do better and perform with aggression on judgment day. So, it is now up to you what you learn from this incredible player of IPL.

AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers is the ideal example of discipline, determination, and even pushing one’s limit to a certain degree that things seem to appear like magic at a single point in time. He is a pro in hockey, swimming, football, rugby, cricket, badminton, and simply everything.

He is known as the three-hundred-sixty-degree player on the cricket ground and can make any sort of impossible shot look easy. Though the shot seems easy to the eyes of the viewer, you cannot even guess the hard work it takes to simply be a pro at it. AB De Villiers had definitely a lot of injuries in his cricket career but none of them could ever cease him from getting a number of international records to his name.

The motivational pinch here is that even when things do not really work out in your favor sometimes, still getting back simply like a pro is just what one, as an aspirant can easily learn. In addition, what you can actually learn is it is not impossible to simply master more than simply a single skill at once.

This type of attitude of his is something to take exam motivation from. Working for your passion and even not settling for something simply because it seems a more comfortable option is a motivational life lesson. You can learn it and implement it for a better and more fulfilling life.


To sum up, you should keep on learning from ipl update news about the matches and the players. The life and the way these IPL players played and do play even today have much to offer you for a better lifestyle and outcomes in life.