May 16, 2021


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Top 5 Big Data Certifications

These days, we are in such a phase of technology field where one has a lot of great opportunities. By owing numerous developing techs, experienced professionals would expand their understanding to turn into specialists in so many different fields, or evolution in some of the newest fields. It’s relatively a fact of the Big Data, as job categories are evolving because the data’s rate is created every day – which is growing a lot. The entire data should be kept in those data platforms that are profitable and scalable, even though still being accessible and evaluated. 

And this is the task of professionals of Big Data who are making it happen, which means that nowadays companies are in a constant hunt for the experts. The ones who have the right bunch of skills as well as the credential of Big data certifications, then they also get so many opportunities in the job along with a high salary in the market. For a person who has the interest to pursue their career in the field of Big Data then getting a certification considered as a great extent to make a start. Certifications assist renowned companies to make aware which one of the candidates are verified to own the required skillset and understanding to deal with some of dedicated tasks and roles. 

Make Your Big Move into Big Data with a Certification

Big Data still seem to be the top broadcast in the industry of technology for so many years, and the category of jobs and their extent would only expand in the upcoming time. There is an increase in data that means that the demand for data experts would also be increase. If you have still not decided from where to take a start, consider making a career in the field of Big Data, and in case you are in this field already but desire to moving up your career then you should go for a certification. As there is a big list of vendor-specific certs that are accessible in the market, so here you would find the topmost Big-Data cert for yourself.

Big Data Certifications Recognized by the Industry!

Certifications are now turning out to be the essential aspect to assess your understanding, and companies have set out some precise standards on account to assess your set of skills. However, the average income of the experts of Big-Data is also quite high in the market. On the other side, to validate your skillsets and to get high pays, you are required to own the relevant certifications. The following are some of the topmost Big-Data certs which are in demand in the market.

IBM Big Data Architect Certification

A Big-Data Architect should own a detailed understanding regarding the essential techs and know the association among such techs in addition to the ways to resolve those Big-Data business-related glitches. However, IBM is not providing any precise course work in the training for the examination of Big-Data Architect cert, the site offers detailed info of listing regarding the knowledge and skills which you must own before sitting for an examination, along with the listing of those courses from where you can select.

MapR Hadoop Developer Certification 

MapR Hadoop Developer Certification exam evaluates some particular tech-related knowledge, abilities, and skills that are requiring to develop and design the programs of MapReduce in Java. This examination encompasses to write the programs of MapReduce, make use of MapReduce A-P-I, and also manage, observe, and test the programs of MapReduce and its flow of work. To get ready for the examination, this certification is suggesting that you should get some precise Academy courses or MapR as well as go through reference materials and the tutorials that are easily online available.

The Hortonworks Certified Associates (HCA) Certification

For the ones who are not familiar to Big-Data, this cert is providing an entry-point by giving you the knowledge of some essential skills that are required to take an initiative. Once you earn this cert, you would know techs, and you would be able to identify business usage scenarios for numerous structures in Hortonworks-Data-Platform i.e. HDP. Hortonworks isn’t offering any preparation especially for this examination but rather than that it gives a listing of a wide-ranging of the courses on the site. Such a set of courses are ranging from the live-training to the self-paced to the blend.

Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop certification

Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop certification is renowned by more than eighty corporate level sectors throughout the globe. Its listing encompasses a few of the topmost names. This cert can be attained once you completed the quizzes, training, and assignments of Big Data Hadoop, as well as work successfully on projects which were providing lastly in the training of Big Data Hadoop. It’s comparable to the six months of any corporate level experience.

I-B-M Big Data Engineer Certification

Big-Data engineers should own detailed knowledge of technology along with the experience in a wide-ranging of techs and products. However, IBM is not offering any precise course work in the training for the cert exam of Big-Data engineer; the site makes detailed info of listing regarding the abilities and acquaintance – which you must have as soon as you attempt the examination and the courses list which you can select from.

Why Earn a Big Data Certification?

Getting a certification in Big Data would give your career a great boost, either you are only got a start or if you are an experienced one. In case a person is not familiar with this field, this certification of Big Data would get you prepared so in that case you can easily get your initial job. Such certs are ranging from the very precise, just like Big-Data Hadoop Cert training, to a wide range, such as the Big-Data Engineer Master level Program which earns you numerous other certs in your learning pathway.

If a person is previously worked in a Big-Data, this cert would assist you to move up in a career as well as attaining a specialized role. Let suppose, if you are interested to get knowledge regarding some precise features of the Big-Data then certification is the only thing that assists to know more about the essential skills as well as offers your present or upcoming time companies evidence of your credentials.