Things To Keep In Mind While Opting For MBBS Abroad

Studying MBBS abroad has been a rising trend for students to pursue their goal of becoming a doctor. Many MBBS aspirants are migrating to other foreign countries like Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the Philippines, or Bangladesh. Most Indian students hold a gigantic position in providing economy to these foreign countries with their aspiration of pursuing medical education. 

Below listed are some of the important things to consider while opting for MBBS abroad:

Choose the Right University:

Selecting the right and suitable university is one of the toughest tasks for MBBS aspirants. They have to select the university that has all the recognitions from major governing bodies such as the World Health Organization, National Medical Council, World Directory of Medical Schools,  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and so on including the home country is very important. Aspirants need to spend some quality time to dig into and research the universities providing medical education, accreditations, course structure, the language of instruction, duration of the course, internship options and the accommodation facilities, fees structure, home food availability, and also the admission process or enrollment procedure need to be considered properly.

Make sure you are eligible to get a valid student visa:

After selecting the medical university of your choice, make sure to check the eligibility criteria of your student visa availability for the country of your choice. Every Indian medical aspirant must be NEET qualified to get admission into foreign medical universities. The student visa procedure will be enlisted in their particular country’s embassy’s official websites. To know more about the visa procedure it’s better to get in touch with an authorized agent of that particular university. 

Know about your Course Structure:

It is very important to know about the complete syllabus or course structure. As the course structure differs from one university to another and from one country to another country. Some countries follow British based education system where the total course duration of MBBS is 5 years 6 months and the final year with a compulsory internship. The major concern for aspirants who are intending to study MBBS abroad is to know about the course curriculum, examination pattern, modules system, passing percentage, remedial options availability of the university. 

Check your Budget:

Many aspirants suffer from financial stress for studying MBBS. The Indian medical colleges’ fee structure is more when compared with MBBS course fees in Bangladesh, Russia, the Philippines, Ukraine, or any other foreign country which makes financially unstable students opt for MBBS abroad. Nowadays many medical universities are providing scholarship programs, and the government of those countries is completely supporting medical colleges. Make sure you check for the available scholarship programs in the university of your choice. Students in dilemma can consult MBBS abroad consultants for correct details of the fee structure and scholarship programs. 

Make sure you know your accommodation: 

After choosing the university of your choice, the next biggest concern is about the accommodation. Some universities provide on-campus accommodation in hostels which are pretty decent. While some universities don’t provide accommodation, in such cases you can look for alternatives like renting out an apartment or look for an off-campus hostel. Whatever your choice might be, make sure that your accommodation is not that far from your university and is well connected by commute, which will benefit you to spend more time on academic and social life. The accommodation charges vary depending on the country and university.  

Know the common language

Many foreign medical universities that accept international students have a primary language for teaching, that is “English”. Aspirants who know English, won’t have any problem in this respect. You will have an upper hand if English is a commonly spoken language in the entire country. If your English is weak, it’s better to improve it before you leave for the country. 

In the end, whether you MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, the Philippines, or any other country, always remember what matters the most is the Medical Degree.  You have to research and be clear about the things that are crucial while opting for MBBS abroad. Medicinal education is an investment for your bright future, not just an expenditure. 

Hope this article is useful for all the aspirants who are looking for MBBS abroad. Best wishes for your MBBS abroad dream!