The Story of Birthday Gifts History Will Surprise

Birthday celebrations and birthday gifts have been a part of our annual festivities for the longest time possible. But do you ever wonder about how this tradition of sending birthday gifts came into origin. Who was the one who gave the first birthday gift? What is the history behind ordering birthday gifts for a loved one? Well, we did some research and found out the history of birthday gifts. Get set to understand what exactly happened in the ancient times. The history of Birthday Gifts- Revealed! And it is sure to surprise you!

History of Birthday Gifts

As luck would have it, the Romans were the first ones to celebrate the birth of one another. In simpler words, Romans were the first to celebrate birthdays. They started off by having get togethers and calling people amongst their known to their own households to share sweet treats. The first step towards what we call a modern day birthday party was when the Romans held parties at their houses to celebrate the birth date of their family members. In ancient days, it started off with celebrating birthdays of boys. To make the occasion special, they started calling people over who would come with something to eat. Ultimately, someone started getting other things besides food for the birthday person and that became what we call a modern day birthday gift. The presents for birthdays came into being as people got gifts for birthday boy.

Why we give gifts?

In Bible, the three wise men got gifts when Jesus was born. Some beliefs continue to honour them and assume that birthdays are connected with gifts and presents. Some ancient theories of giving gifts also attribute it to the fact that gifts for birthday were given to kids mostly. This was done so to share the burden of the parents in bringing up the child. Some traditional theories also say that lavish parties are thrown and gifts given to the birthday boy or girl to evade evil spirits. Everyone getting together forms a protective circle and giving gifts is a symbol of prosperity. But then again, this is also a theory that many believe.

Modern Day Gifting

Gifting has evolved over the years. From being physically present to give the gifts to ordering gifts online. Gift giving has come a long way now. The tradition of birthday gifts has gone online now with people not visiting each other physically on birthdays. A lot of people prefer to order birthday gifts online for friends and family. With modern day gifting sites in India, it is very easy to send gifts to India and celebrate their birthday. Some of the best birthday presents can be ordered online by anyone at the click of a button. So gifting has come a long way and continues to evolve. But the love and wishes at the core of it remain the same. So even if one orders a birthday present online or visits in person to give gifts, the good wishes remain the same.