Start a Blog, Drive Traffic, And Generate Revenue

If you desire to start a blog due to generate revenue, then you are in the right place. “Make money online” is a viral stream in the internet age. There hardly a young who does not earn some extra cash. Now online provides huge opportunities to lead yourself to the next level. Blogging is one of them. But blogging is such an approach that has more than hundreds of ways to make money. 

For generating revenue by blogging you have to follow the equation.

A blog + Traffic = Revenue digital marketing techniques

Start a blog

I think that starting a blog can seem baffling and intimidating. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to be a smart blogger from the beginner level. So whether you’re 8 or 88, you can create your own blog in less than 20 minutes by a few clicks.

That you need to start a blog

For starting a blog, you have to go through some steps. Like-

Brief explanation: For generating revenue through blogging, the blogging niche is a great factor. Take such a niche that people have queries in through a browser. After that, select a domain according to the niche that will help for ranking on the search engines. Finally, set up the blog under a flexible CMS that is handy to use. I recommend WordPress. It is very flexible and handy to use for a newbie. Without any coding knowledge, you can provide any design according to your requirements using WordPress. 

Once you have completed your blog, you have to publish content constantly. When you have enough content, you must focus on marketing for driving traffic. 

Drive traffic to your website

Driving traffic is not so easy as starting a blog. For doing this, you must invest a huge time with hard work. Most of the bloggers who have already succeeded in the industry, SEO is their focusing way to drive traffic. Without SEO, you may drive traffic to your website using various formulas. Like –

  • Social media marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Google paid campaign 
  • And more

After all, you must have quality content. Then you can have the targeted traffic. I hope, definitely, you have heard that content is the king of a blog. But I say that quality content is the king of a blog. So you have to focus on the creation of quality content. 

Generate revenue

Blogging is a bright way to make money online from home. If you have enough traffic to monetize your website, you can monetize in various ways. 

Most of them are-

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Advertising
  • Being Influencer
  • Sponsored post
  • Selling lead
  • Selling guest post
  • Promoting self business
  • Selling online tutorial
  • Being a freelance writer
  • Review writing 
  • And more

If you desire to make money using all of the processes, it is possible for you. But this idea is not healthy. It will be better if you use only two or three methods.

For generating revenue, you need time investment with huge hard work for driving traffic. Without traffic, any kind of income is impossible through blogging. Traffic is the precondition of making money blogging.

By the time, you are an expert blogger with huge knowledge on the topic that is the subject matter. Your knowledge and expertise will create a huge place online for you to the audience. The trust to you of the audience will make you an influencer, freelance writer, online trainer, and online mentor. 

Therefore, for generating revenue through blogging, first, be passionate about blogging. Then focus on creating quality content. I hope your passion and your content lead to the next level.