Metrics That Matter For Your YouTube Channel Growth

If you are new to YouTube and you are looking to grow yourself, then you have to work on certain metrics. You can improve these metrics organically or when you buy YouTube subscribers

YouTube Analytics is a very powerful tool to tell you how your video is performing and how users are actually engaging with the video you put up. If you are having trouble understanding the basic terminologies, here is a small guide for you to get to speed:

Watch Time

This is the most essential performance metric when you are releasing any new video. Watch Time is the total amount of minutes or seconds the viewers have spent watching your video. This is a key metric mainly because if your video has a higher watch time, YouTube recommends your video in the Recommended Section and higher in the search results section. 

Also, it assumes that if the video has more watch time, it is more popular. Hence, you can divert your attention to increasing your watch time of the videos following a few hacks. By this metric, you can see which video of yours is the most engaging video. 

Average Percentage Viewed

This is calculated as the percent of each video the average user has watched. This performance metric is usually to measure the video’s ability to hold the attention of the users for the entire length. And through this metric, YouTube will be able to figure out that you are able to hold the audience for a long time. You will also find this metric along with the watch time report. 

Average View Duration

While you already know about the watch time and the average percentage viewed, then the average view duration is the total watch time of the video that is divided by the total number of video plays. This includes the replays too. 

Hence, if you can focus on this metric, it can help you understand how many viewers are engaging with your video and how quickly they are bouncing back from the video. Your average view duration and the watch time should keep increasing, as this is a good sign of the number of viewers for your video. This can help you in boosting the search and recommendation rankings. 

If you are a new YouTube creator, you may think where to find this metric? The answer is “you will find this in the watch time metrics report.”

Engagement Metrics

This includes all the clicks, comments, shares, likes, and dislikes too. This is a qualitative picture of how your video is receiving engagement. It can paint a great picture of how your video is able to garner videos and how the viewers are getting connected to it. 

Shares are important for your video because it can depict that the users trust your brand and they believe in what you are portraying or showing in your video. While the likes and dislikes can tell about the audience reaction over a particular video. 

Where to find these metrics? You can find these metrics in YouTube’s interaction metrics. 

The engagement metrics can help you understand which segment of the audience is relating to your audience more and also find your target audience. 


If you are focusing primarily on these metrics, you need a lot of viewers to come to watch your videos. This can happen organically or in another way. Organically, you need to be really careful with each and every step you make and it is going to be a long time. However, if you are able to buy YouTube subscribers, then you can gain positive metrics soon!