4 Reasons For A Toothache

Oral pain can be some of the most demoralizing pain you can experience. This is mostly because there’s so little a victim can do to prevent the pain from occurring. If you’re impacted with a big enough dental issue that it’s affecting you negatively then it’s time to consider a dentist, or if it’s bad enough you should consider an emergency dentist.

If you’re experiencing a toothache, here are 5 possible reasons for it.

Tooth decay

A significant portion of the population experiences tooth decay on a regular basis. This is mainly due to poor dental hygiene, and unhealthy high-sugar diets. The bacteria in your mouth eat sugary foods and produce acid that causes decay. If left untreated this can cause bigger issues like cavities, infections, and gum disease among other issues.

To prevent tooth decay you should have a proper oral health care regimen that includes brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Along with at-home care, you should also be getting regular dental checkups at least every 6 months. 

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a common cause for concern since patients won’t know they’re problematic until they may or may not come in. If they do come in, the mouth may not have room for wisdom teeth. If there is not enough room for the teeth, the wisdom tooth may become impacted which will cause it to grow against other teeth. This is painful to the user experience, and they will need surgery or the problem will become much worse.

Bad Oral Hygiene

If you don’t have a proper oral health care regimen you will almost definitely get cavities, gum disease, or something worse. When you brush your teeth you won’t notice a change from brushing them once, but if you do it every day your teeth will be healthy or become healthier. Even with perfect teeth cleaning you could still get dental issues, but it will help mitigate them.

Just make sure you go through your oral hygiene routine 2-3 times a day and do it for at least 3-4 minutes minimum, or ideally 5 minutes. Longer is not always better, but not long enough is cause for concern.

Gum disease

If your gums become inflamed or infected this could result in gingivitis (gum disease). This can be painful when you apply pressure to your gums through the result of chewing, talking, brushing, or flossing. Infected gums also bleed, and if gums bleed at all it is generally an indicator that something is wrong. 

Make sure when you brush your teeth, also brush your gums and your tongue. This helps stave off infection and will keep your breath smelling better.


Dental issues cause some of the worst pain you can experience, and quite often once it’s too far gone the damage may be irreversible. Adult teeth are only replaceable by artificial appliances which are never cheap. Even if you have good insurance it may end up costing you. Buying and using toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss will be much cheaper and significantly easier.